Waiting on Wednesday

You rememember that line in “Titanic” when the young immigrant mother tells her little children, “It’ll all be over soon?”

That’s the most tender moment in the movie, and one I quote far too often because each time I do, I feel like I rob from it just a little.

But to be honest with you, I can’t wait for tomorrow – Election Day – to come and go. I want it over. I love what it stands for and I am wholly smitten with democracy and the privilege of voting but with this rosy privilege comes a slew of thorns. It amazes me that in a nation of millions we can be so polarized. So angrily red or blue.

On Wednesday there will be millions of happy people and millions of unhappy people. And though the mud-slinging and namecalling will end, the half that are unhappy will likely stay that way for 48 long months. Until we get to do this again.

I hate to whine and then not offer a solution, but I don’t know what it is. If there was a standout candidate who everyone could get behind to some extent – and I don’t mean a centrist who has no passionate opinions on anything – I wonder how different an election year would be. To be honest, I am not captivated by either of our presidential candidates; perhaps this is why I am feeling mopey today and walking around the house mumbling “It’ll all be over soon” in an Irish brogue.

Do you remember the character Harrison Ford played in Air Force One? Remember that president? Brave and brilliant, tenacious and transparent, honest and honorable. Selfless and sincere. Everybody respected him. He wasn’t perfect, but he had the respect due him. That’s what I am whining for; I want a president whose resume inspires a commanding John Williams theme song and whom half the nation won’t despise.

Sigh. Pass the soda bread.

Author: Susan

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