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More than once I’ve finished reading a novel where I’ve connected deeply with the characters and found myself a little depressed when I turned the last page. It’s been like having to say goodbye too soon to people I’ve learned to care about.

I’ve felt that same way about books I’ve written, too. I’ve grown attached to the make-believe people who shared my days – and sometimes nights. It’s not surprising really. My goal is always to create characters that seem real. I want them to seem real to you and to do that they must seem real to me.

This was especially true with the characters in my newest release, The Shape of Mercy. I wanted these characters – Lauren, Abigail, Esperanza, Raul, Clarissa, and even Mercy – to keep breathing, to keep talking to me, prodding me even though the book was done. So I’ve decided to let these characters live on in a blog that will allow me to continue their fictive lives.

You can find it here: These posts won’t comprise an online sequel. The posts won’t be story; they will be emails between Lauren and Raul, advice from unconventional Clarissa, stories and poems from Mercy’s recovered storybook, insights on life and literature from learning-to-let-go-of-regrets Abigail and kicky recipes from Esperanza, Abigail’s devoted housekeeper.

Hope you’ll stop by. And if you’ve read The Shape of Mercy and made friends of these people, I hope you will stop by often!

Author: Susan

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