Forward motion

On Monday I was anxious for today, Wednesday, to get here – for two reasons. One, I was tired of the mud-slinging presidential campaign process, and two, I had no deep affection for either candidate and I was lamenting that fact.

Now that it’s Wednesday and the voting is over – and with it the deeply polarizing forces silenced – I can say that I am happy Wednesday is here for two different reasons. One, I was moved by the speeches of both President-elect Obama and Sen. John McCain. Wish I had seen more of that valor and maturity on the campaign trail.

Second, I am proud that my nation will welcome an African American to the White House. I may not agree with every policy that will show up in the next four years but I am applauding the racial divide that crumbled to the ground last night. There was much that was gained on Tuesday, no matter which side of the fence you’re parked on. Well done. . . Now we get busy, all of us, and move forward.

Author: Susan

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