Call me Calebrilinde Aranel

tinkerbellWe are each of us only given one name and one name only. You can have a pseudonym of course, or a nickname, or an alias, but psuedo means it ain’t real, a nickname won’t get you far on your passport application, and an alias won’t allow you to win much trust among your clan.¬† The people you love most and who love you will need to you know who you really are. There’s just one official name for me and one for you.

But wouldn’t it be fun to imagine what your name could be if you lived in a different part of the world or a different¬† time period or even a different universe?¬† And wouldn’t if be fun it someone already did all the hard work of figuring out what names would suit you best?

I happen to know that if I were a fairy my name would be Feather Saturnfly. And if I were a Hobbit I’d be Ranoic Harfoot of Baywater, and if I were an elf, I’d be Calebilinde Aranel.

If I were a blues singer, I’d be Wailin’ Estelle Beech and if I were a a hillbilly I’d be Lil’ Daisy Clementine.

If you have some free time today, check out this big list of Name Generators. Totally unscientific, I am sure, but lots of fun. They don’t all work the same way, and some maybe you ought not to click on, but they’re good for a little mental diversion and perhaps if you’ve a new puppy and need a name.

Have fun.

Do tell me what you come up with.

And perhaps you can let me know why oh why my Irish name would be Frank Kiley.

I’m still trying to figure that out…

Author: Susan

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