Twelve Authors of Christmas

Now that December is offiically here and the mad rush has begun (my Dad likes to call this time of year Gentile Madness which is actually pretty funny because we are very Gentile), here’s a little Christmas spirit comin’ your way. I’ve joined up with my good friends Tricia Goyer and Rachel Hauck to play the Twelve Authors of Christmas. Get ready for some interesting math. It’s called the Twelve Authors of Christmas but we show up on two blogs with a couple bonuses thrown in.

Between Rachel and Tricia and their fabulous blogs, 28 authors (yours truly included) will share Christmas memories and special times all geared to help us enjoy more fully the timeless joy of our Christmas traditions. Hopefully you will find a moment’s rest when you stop by to read these posts:

Here’s Rachel’s lineup: Dec 1 – Colleen Coble; Dec 2 – Kathryn Mackel; Dec 3 – Janelle Scheinder; Dec 4 – Deb Raney; Dec 5 – Gayle Roper; Dec 6 – Kristen Heitzman; Dec 7 – Terri Blackstock; Dec 8 – DiAnn Mills; Dec 9 – Jill Elizabeth Nelson; Dec 10 – Donita Paul; Dec 11 – Marlo Schalesky; Dec 12 – Linda Hall; Dec 13 – Gail Martin; Dec 14 – Tricia Goyer.

And Tricia’s: December 13 – Linda Ford; December 14 – Rachel Hauck; December 15 – Camy Tang; December 16 -Bonnie Leon; December 17 – Tamara Leigh; December 18 – Kim Vogel Sawyer; December 19 – Roxanne Henke; December 20 -Rene Gutteridge; December 21 – Nancy Moser; December 22 – ME!; December 23 – Karen Ball; December 24 -Neta Jackson; and a special bonus on December 25 – Maureen Lang and Mindy Clark.

Should be a lovely tour, eh? Make sure you check out Rachel’s inaugural posts from Saturday and Sunday.

And I’ll see you Friday where I will share with you what are several author friends’ favorite and least favorite books-to-movies, plus which book they’d like to see made into a movie and who would star in it.

See you back on the Edge on Friday.

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  1. Rachel Hauck on December 4, 2007 at 3:09 am

    Hey Sooz,

    Good job! Can’t wait to read your Christmas post! Love your blog, btw.


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