Who needs a bucket list?

Today I am pleased to have my good friend, Debbie Ness, here on the blog with her guest post about life, love, bucket lists, and joy. Enjoy…

Debbie, third from left

My boss once told me I was a cultural wasteland!! Hmmm…just because my favorite travels include McDonald’s, Disneyland and Las Vegas? I thought that just made me a cheap date. Actually, I love Vegas. I come by it genetically. My Mom loves Vegas! As a kid, I saw both The Muppets and Elvis in Vegas! Now how cool is that? My husband Tee and I honeymooned in Vegas thirty-seven years ago and I even have fond memories of “Thanksgiving Dinner” in Vegas as our daughter’s soccer team always had a tournament there over the holidays. I thought it was GREAT!

I birthdayed there in May with my sister and a couple of wacky friends, saw two shows and had a spa day. And in July, our best friends, Jim and Leslie became re-newlyweds after 40 years of marriage. Tee and I were in their wedding party both then and now. The renewal ceremony was performed by Reverend Thompson in the Drive-Thru Tunnel of Love at the famed Little White Wedding Chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard. That’s the one where the fight scene was filmed in “The Hangover.” And just to add a little flavor to the sweet occasion, we witnessed a rear-end collision at the Chapel curb then topped it off with lunch and shopping at Bass Pro! All cultural considerations aside, that’s good living.

Speaking of culture, we always say,” Who needs world travel anyway?” We’ve seen the canals of Venice at The Venetian, the Eiffel Tower at the Paris, the Statue of David at Caesars and the quaint villages of Lake Como, Italy, curbside at the Bellagio, fountains and gardens to boot! As Jim would say, “We don’t need to go to no stinkin’ Italy!” Around a table full of food and friends and laughter is where we want to be, talking the usual talk…death, dying, hospitalization, surgeries past, present and future, politics, kids, grandkids, travel, bucket lists, bunions and waitresses we’ve driven crazy over the years!! We like to laugh till we cry…or one of us wets our pants. A trip to Banff and Lake Louise always seems to be at the top of someone’s Bucket List; who knows if we’ll ever make it. No matter. We tend to tell the same stories over and over because we don’t remember having heard them the time before. If there are two things I know…it’s that laughter truly is the best medicine and friendships are golden.

Earlier this summer Tee and I were travelling a lot. By the end of our fourth or fifth trip away, I was dying to get back home to our simple routines. Friday night dinners with Jim and Les, Sunday lunches after church with Barb and Dave, lunches with friends and the kids, Book Club get-togethers, being with the adorable seniors at The Villa, movie nights, foot rubs and what-not with my Lovebug, morning walks and breakfast at McDonald’s with the dogs and church. How I missed all the things I love so much! Actually the landscape of my life is far from being a wasteland; it is rich and deep and fertile in the relationships I have cultivated. They bring me PURE JOY! We’ve travelled a bit over the years and I’m sure we’ll visit a few more places before we call it a day, but we could travel the world over and find no greater treasure of more lasting pleasure than what we enjoy every day with family, friends, food, fun, laughter, and the knowledge that all good gifts are sent from Heaven above. It’s such a GRAND LIFE! Who needs a bucket list?

Author: Susan

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