Thursday at Warwicks

It’s picture day here at the Edge. Last night I had a booksigning and speaking event at one of my favorite places – Warwicks Bookstore in lovely LaJolla.

I don’t want to have a “it’s all about me” moment here because that kind of stuff drives me crazy so instead, I will express how wonderful it was be in the company of a store full of booklovers. I had a great time talking about the research for The Shape of Mercy, and what I learned along the way about why we are so quick to cast judgment, and what made me use the Salem Witch Trials as a backdrop to tell a story above love, mercy, and redemption.

But I have to say one of the nicest elements of the evening was being surrounded by books and people who love them. Especially the Warwicks staff. I’ve yet to meet someone who works in a bookstore who doesn’t love the inventory. At least I haven’t found this same level of passion with anyone who works in a shoestore. If I needed a different day job, I think I’d be quite happy spending my nine-to-five in a bookstore, happily trying on all the shoes. . . I mean reading all the books.

Have a great weekend. On Monday I will tell you why you should never kill a mockingbird.

Author: Susan

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