Specific acts of kindness

You can always count on my friend Terry Esau to offer deep insights through unconventional means. I love his writing style – it’s edgy (who doesn’t love to peer over the edge to see what lies beyond your ordinary horizon!), it’s fresh, it’s powerful, it’s challenging.

Terry is the master storyteller. He can extract truth from the most trivial of circumstances and he does it in a way that makes you laugh one minute and grab your chest the next. I loved his latest, Be The Surprise. It’s a companion piece to Suprise Me, God – A 30-day Faith Experiment, that challenged readers to pray a simple prayer, and only this prayer, for 30 days: “Suprise me, God.”

In Be the Surprise, Terry turns it back on us, the God-followers, to look past comfy-coziness and endeavor to be the surprise someone else is praying for. And to do it now. I love this quote from the book: “The present will never reveal its full potential unless God is riding with us, enhancing our awarness of it. God brings the present to life; or should I say he brings life to the present. When we live with this awareness, we will no longer desire to rush past the now, hoping that our later will be better, because the now will have become our favorite stretch of highway.”

Foisting kindness onto the hurting world is what Christianity should be all about, you know?. It’s what the -anity should be if we put flesh on it. We show Christ when we give, when we reach out, when we respond to need. We show Christ when our “anity” is love that surprises.

Great book, Edglings. A quick read, a powerful read. A keeper.

Author: Susan

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