Remembering the Heights

YorkshireSometimes I wish I could go back in time to some of the places I have been but armed with a better camera so that I could recapture those memories with better clarity. I don’t want to stay in the past – I just want to step alongside myself (perhaps without my even knowing it) and take more pictures, better pictures, and then snap back to the present with all those lovely digital files.

I especially wanted to do that this morning when I came across this lovely blog post about a writer’s trip through the Bronte sisters’ Yorkshire.  I’ve been on that same trip, stood in those same places, and didn’t have a good camera or a good eye. My husband had a Canon AE I automatic nothing at the time; not the easiest of cameras for relative novices like us. And I am pretty sure all the pictures he took on that trip were with slide film.

Our photos of that trip – which I desperately wanted to see again this morning after reading this article – are probably sitting coma-like in a Kodak carousel tray on the top shelf of the one of the spare room closets. It could take several hours to find the right one. And then there would be the hunt for the projector I don’t know how to use. It’s do-able but not today. And today’s when I really wanted to see them again. Perhaps some months from now when I have nothing better to do, I will be able to get those slides, turn them into digital files (I have the apparatus for doing, that, too) and post them here like I want to right now. Until then, click on the article, enjoy his amazing photos and lovely story…


Author: Susan

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