Judge a cover by its book

Whoever said “Don’t judge a book by its cover” surely meant don’t make value judgements based on surface-level information. To judge something in its totality as good or bad necessitates that you experience it in its totality. You can’t judge a restaurant’s food by its menu. You can’t judge a horse’s strength by its age. You can’t judge a person’s depth on the inside by the beauty – or lack of it – on the outside. And I agree we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

But I know for sure that I buy a book based on its cover. And I expect the cover to be an indication of what kind of story I can expect. The cover matters. Packaging matters.

All this is to say, my publisher has come up with three cover art ideas for my upcoming fall release, The Girl In the Glass. One of them will likely be chosen for the final product. But which one? It’s a tough decision; they are all artistically appealing, and could fit the premise.

I posed the question on my Facebook page (Which Cover?) and got a spread of opinions that truly surprised me. This is making the decision even more complex because there isn’t a strong leader after 80+ comments. So now WaterBrook is appealing to the larger audience. And they’re making it worth your while to offer some quick feedback. Rank the covers (spread around ten ranking points any way you like – if you only like one of these, give it all 10 points and the other two zero) and you could win a signed copy of this book BEFORE it’s released (always fun to get an advance copy!)  as well as a copy of The Shape of Mercy. You’ll be helping us out and there’s a nice little prize for ten randomly drawn winners.

Even if you’ve already had your say on my Facebook page, head on over to the WaterBrook Press webpage for this and rank your preferences! 

Much appreciated, reader friends!

See you on Friday…

Author: Susan

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