Foto Friday

I’m at that awkward stage in a book where the end is in sight – less than 20,000 words to go – and yet it also seems just beyond reach. The pace of the story is accelerating, as all stories should at this point, and I feel like a crazed fanatic running to keep up with it. Today, July 13, as I was madly paying bills so that I could get to the writing, I wrote the date on a check and then woefully lamented to my husband, “Ahhh! My mom’s birthday was yesterday and I didn’t call her!!!”

Here’s the thing. My mother’s birthday is June 12, and the very erroneous date my frazzled brain directed my hand¬† to write on the check.¬†

Sheesh. Nobody ask me anything important until this book is done.

So today, for your viewing pleasure, I thought you would enjoy seeing what my awesome hairdresser has in her front yard. A chair with a succulent seat. Ain’t it grand? Her husband Steve, a whiz with a green thumb, made it. I shan’t go near it until the book is done or I might actually sit on it while calling my big sister to wish her a happy Bar Mitzvah.

See you Monday. Maybe.

Author: Susan

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