Doesn’t feel like a feebie to me

So, it’s February 29, a day that only comes around every four years. It should really be March 1 today, but it’s not. Anything that’s supposed to happen on the first of the month won’t happen today because today is an anomaly to keep the Earth rotating around the sun or something like that.

We’re in a Leap Year. A year with a leap in it. You almost get the impression we should be leaping around the planet yelling, “Today’s a freebie! Today’s a freebie!”

It doesn’t feel like a bonus day to me. This is not a bold day to keep March at bay. Truth be told it feels like February is making a valiant though predictable attempt to get in line with all the other months that have 30 or 31 days. But 29 isn’t 30 or 31 so it’s another failed attempt. For this day to truly feel like a freebie, a day like no other, well, then it needs to be March 32nd or something like that. Now THAT would feel like something to leap about.

Sheesh. Every other month has 29 days. Today is no different than the 29th of November or the 29th of July.

Business owners have an extra day to make February profits. That probably makes them happy. Those of us who haven’t started our taxes have an extra day to put it off. And legend has it Leap Day is the preferable day for women to propose to men. That means it’s perfectly acceptable for the woman to say, “Will you marry me?” today because it’s February 29 (that’s so deliciously quirky, I blogged about it on my Blue Heart Blessed blog.)

But I’m already happily married, I don’t own a business and I have every intention of getting out the tax stuff today, like I intended to yesterday – and didn’t – and the day before that and the day before that.

So it’s just another day in anorexic February. No big deal. I shall not leap.

It’s just another day.

Oh, except Happy Birthday, Calvin Rempel. Have you caught up with your 20-year-old yet?

Author: Susan

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