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Dearest Edglings: I’ve been remiss in posting. I confess it and I apologize. Life has been of the crazy sort the last few weeks. I’ve been in revision mode for the book that’s coming out this fall (It’s set in Florence. Anyone hungry for gelato?) And I am working hard to get a few of my out-of-print books ready for the e-world of digital downloads (Three formerly dearly departed books of mine will be on Kindle and Nook and iBook soon) AND plotting and researching a new idea for a future book, plus the day job, the house and the need for clean clothes and sheets. . . Okay, now I need not only gelato but a Venti with four shots.
I was going to post today (finally) some thoughts on a novel I just finished reading, but I am actually going to write about that on Friday and instead share a link with you today. It’s a blog post from my good friend and fellow novelist, Jenny B. Jones. It’s an opinion piece that I highly agree with and I would’ve written something similar at some point but why should I when it’s already covered so well by the fab Miss Jen? If you’re a Pinterest Pinner, you gotta read it. If you remember how much you hated selling cookies when you were a Girl Scout, you gotta read it. If you want sacred places in the cyber-universe that aren’t driven by marketability and the almighty dollar left sacred you gotta read it.
I know promotion is everything in sales, but I also know that sales isn’t everything. Do I hear an Amen?
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  1. Jeanne Damoff on January 30, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    Done. (Read it.) And done. (Posted a comment.) Thanks for the link.

    Oh, and love to you, sweetie! xo

  2. Clair on January 31, 2012 at 12:08 am

    It's borrowed everything on Pinterest…saw a picture of a quilt my sister made that she had posted on her blog and nowhere could I find it attributed to her. I don't think I will join for the same reason I got rid of my Facebook account…it is just another thing to manage and complicate my life.

  3. Susan Meissner on January 31, 2012 at 12:48 am

    Thanks, Jeanne-doll! Miss you…
    Yikes, Clair. I thought when you pinned something the URL from which it came came with it.

    And it is a teasing time-waster. I purposely only go on once a week for only 15 minutes. You are wise to guard your time…

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