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Lessons learned on the fly

Dashing in on this fine, frenzied Monday to share with you epic wisdom learned over the weekend while teaching a fiction workshop with the talented Lisa Samson at her divine Cuppa Tea Cafe in Lexington, Kentucky.

1. Beautiful places that are lush and verdantly green get a lot of rain. It takes rain and humidity and sticky heat to create that shade of green and so much of it. Note to self: Beauty is often forged from desperately cloudy, wet and uncomfortable days.
2. You can be methodical (an outliner) or spontaneous (a non- outliner) or you can be methodically spontaneous. Or spontaneously methodical. Let’s take a vote. I choose methodically spontaneous. MS. As in manuscript. . .
3. Tea is comfort. Loose tea is so wonderfully comforting because it hasn’t had the life thrashed out of it. It has not been pulverized into particles. It still resembles its former life. A leaf . . .
4. Use your great aunt’s tea cups. They are so beautiful. In a hundred years they won’t mean anything to anybody. And they will have slid into useless anonymity unappreciated. Sure, you might break one. But seriously. What is a tea cup for if not for tea?
5. There is more outside your door than you are usually expecting to experience sensorially. Raise your expectations. Open your eyes. Breathe deep. Touch. Listen. There is more. . .
6. Sorrel is a beautiful color. It is beautiful to say. It is beautiful to hear. It looks nice on the page. Go beyond the 8-color crayon box.
7. There is a story inside of you. Perhaps many. You should tell them.
Off I go now to freshen my tea cup before I plunge back into the writing cave. Enjoy your week, Edglings. . .

Lisa, Me, Tea & Thee

A couple weeks ago, the brilliant Lisa Samson and I taught our first Adding Depth To Your Fiction workshop in Orlando. We had a fabulous time getting to know the writers in our very first class and helping them mine for the sublime in their fiction.

While there, she and I and our agent Chip MacGregor, who coordinated the workshop with Tiff Colter, were talking about Lisa’s new tea shop that she just opened in Lexington and hey, Lisa said, wouldn’t it be great to have the next Adding Depth workshop at Cuppa!

It took me a nano-second to say I LOVE that idea. So I am thrilled to announce our next Adding Depth workshop will be at the Cuppa, Lisa Samson’s chic and sweet tea shop in Lexington, Kentucky. The dates are July 23-24 and you can get all the details at The Masters Seminar website.

I look at this darling picture of Lisa at Cuppa and that warm, sunny room and I can smell her organic, all-free-trade tea, and the homemade scones and I just know we’ve got the absolute best environment for writerly types to jump into the writing lab and get artistically serious.

Lisa is a fantastic partner to teach with and a sweet soul. She will be the keynote speaker at The Christy Awards this year and is also up for an award in the Contemporary Stand-Alone category, a familiar place for her. Her flair for prosey greatness has been wowing Christy judges for years.

If you’re a fiction writer or you know a fiction writer who has been looking for a writing workshop that is small and intimate (we keep it to 10-12 peeps), tell them about the July 23-24 event at Cuppa. I don’t like commercials on blogs, so this will be the one time I brag on this. It’s going to be grand. . .