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We have a winner!

Congrats to screen name pinkdaisyjane! She has won the signed copy of Meg Moseley’s When Sparrows Fall. Thanks to all who entered. 

For your reading pleasure today, I’d like to suggest a nutty, fruited brie on crunchy baguette slices and paired with this interview of notsolongago — insights into my brain regarding the writing of Lady in Waiting at

On Monday I will share with you all the words I am longing to play on a Scrabble board sometime. . . 

Monday, Monday!

Just two days to go until the fantastical, fabulous Facebook Lady in Waiting hunt is underway. You will want to make sure we are Facebook pals and head back here to the Edge on Monday, Nov. 8 and to my Facebook page so that you don’t miss out on the easy instructions. My publisher, WaterBrook Multnomah, and I have put together a knock-your-socks off gift basket of old and new, to fit the theme of Lady in Waiting. I am totally not kidding. There will be no socks on your feet.

Can’t tell you everything, but among the many things the grand prize winner will receive is an an antique Book of Common prayer (an echo of yesteryear and very much like the one that Jane finds in a rusted lockbox & which I showed off here last week) a super-fabulous electronic gadget (just wait ’til you hear!. . .), a bunch – BUNCH – of books, and this lovely antique onyx rosary, so very like the one Jane found alongside the prayer book when she forced open that lockbox with her little keyring of tiny picks (p. 28).
It’s going to be a lovely, fun basket. And there are consolation prizes, too, to console those who enter and must accept the sad fate of not being the winner. But you know what they say. You can’t win if you don’t enter.
It’s going to be a fun week next week . . . It all starts Monday!

Echoes of the past . . .

I have always liked the attachment we – collectively, if not individually – have to the past. Even people who don’t like decorating with antiques still seem to have a fascination for things that were created long ago and are still with us. They are like echoes from a world that is like ours, but different.

When I began to plot the story of Lady in Waiting last year, I knew I needed some kind of tangible snippet of the past to unite the two Janes – the one living in current Manhattan and the one who lived as Lady Jane Grey back in the 16th century. I decided on a betrothal ring, a circle of gems on a band gold. And I gave my modern-day Jane a job in an antique store so that there would be a believable environment for her to come across it.
It had to have been hidden – for purposes of the story – but it also had to have been hidden for a reason. (Can’t tell you here what that was since that would be a bit of a spoiler.) Once I had that reason, I toyed with the idea of hiding the ring inside the binding of a very old Book of Common prayer. A pseudo-holy book; a safe place to hide away something precious.The idea seemed to hold water, so off I went with it.

The little book pictured on my blog today is a very old Book of Common Prayer, though not as old as the one in Lady in Waiting. This one was printed in 1847. To my complete joy, I found this on eBay, bid on it and won it. The cool thing is, I will be giving it away in a very cool Facebook event & drawing called Follow the Ring my publisher is putting together. Other things in the winner’s basket include a ring, an old onyx rosary (also found on eBay, will show that to you next week – an onyx rosary shows up in the book, too!), copies of my books, more books from other authors participating in in this “treasure hunt” and other wonderful things. If you are not on Facebook – and I know it’s not for everyone – maybe you could join just for this hunt! It will start in a couple weeks. And it will be pretty easy and fun. You just “follow the ring” from one author’s Facebook page to another for just a week, post as directed, and your name’s in the drawing.

All the details will be posted soon. Just wanted you to see this beautiful little treasure. I kinda hate to part with it. . .
So. stay tuned. . .
On Monday, I will chat about Bethany Pierce’s newest release, Amy Inspired, which I really, really liked.

Have a great weekend.

Target practice

It’s midway to November and the kinship of books, cozy slippers, warm mugs of spiced chai beckon. As we head into the weekend I want to cheer all things autumn and booky by sharing the news that Lady in Waiting is at Target! Take a look at the photo and behold I sit next to the prolific wordsmith, Mr. Nicholas Sparks.

This is definitely cause for celebration in my book, pun fully intended, so let’s have some fun with a drawing. And I don’t mean get out your crayons.
If you buy Lady in Waiting at Target and email me a pic of the receipt, I will put your name in the hat for two winners of a $20 Target gift card PLUS two of any of my titles, signed to whomever you wish. You can pick from any of my WaterBrook titles, or my Harvest House titles: Blue Heart Blessed, In All Deep Places, A Seahorse in the Thames, The Remedy for Regret, A Window to the World, Widows & Orphans and Sticks & Stones. (Sorry, Why the Sky is Blue and Days & Hours are sweet memories of days of print gone by!)
So there you go! Buy the Lady at Target, email me a pic of your receipt by midnight Oct. 22, PST, and two lucky winners will receive a $20 Target gift card and two books of their choice, signed and all that. Email me at susanlmeissner [at] gmail [dot] com!
Have a great weekend!
p.s. books make great Christmas presents. . . I can include a signed bookplate for the book you buy at Target if you like! Ho ho ho. . .

The wait is over

So it’s been just about a week since the release of Lady in Waiting and I am hoping, of course, that people will find her worth the wait. So far, so good!

I loved writing this book for lots of little reasons, the primary one being I have long been fascinated by Lady Jane Grey – who shows up in this contemporary story of mine. She was a young girl who was queen of England at the age of 16 for a mere nine days. And while she had so many things decided for her, as did most girls of noble birth back then, she will always be, to me, someone who in the end chose her ultimate destiny as surely as her parents and relatives chose everything else. Hers is a remarkable story. I have always wanted to find a way to dovetail it with a current-day tale. Hopefully, I pulled it off.
If you are loving this cover as much as I do (WaterBrook produced a simply stunning cover for this book), you will want to know that there is a contest going on over at SheReads to give away the ring that WaterBrook’s art department used to create this cover. Isn’t that a great idea? And that’s not all. WaterBrook and SheReads are also giving away a prayer journal, bookmark and copies of the book. If this interests you, don’t delay. Head over to SheReads and post a comment. That will enter you in the drawing. The contest ends on Sept. 15.
SheReads is a ministry of Proverbs 31, which is a simply wonderful organization to encourage and uplift women of faith. They have chosen Lady in Waiting as their book selection for the month of September and this contest is part of that wonderful honor. There is also a link on the SheReads page to a devotional I wrote for Proverbs 31 on the theme of waiting – or actually, on the theme of not waiting! More like, on the theme of getting up out of your chair when it’s time to get busy.
Hope you get a chance to read this one. I’d love to hear what you think.
I will be teaching at the American Christian Fiction Writers annual conference in Indianapolis on Friday, so I may post from there and I may not. We’ll see how the day plays itself out. I will be teaching two workshops there and also attending the awards dinner for the Carol Awards. White Picket Fences is up for Book of The Year in the Long Contemporary category, though I am in such fantastic company with the other nominations, I am not planning to practice the acceptance speech! Here’s the full list. You can listen to the live-feed of the awards ceremony on the ACFW site.
Have a great week . . .