Ten more days and a wake-up!

Five war brides aboard the Queen Mary in 1946, as they sailed into New York harbor.

It’s always as nerve-wracking as it is thrilling, the last few days before a book is released into the wild. I love this novel that’s coming your way in just a matter of days, (March 14) but to be honest, I took a creative risk on this one and so naturally I’m anxious.  I don’t write ghost stories, but this one, ahem, has ghosts in it. And I don’t usually tread into the world of the wildly unknown and unproveable, but I have with this one. And just in case you missed my earlier post about the ghosts that appear in A BRIDGE ACROSS THE OCEAN, they are quite literary and not at all out to scare you. Seriously. They have the same quest for happiness that the mortal characters in the story have. Just so you know.

And while I will be posting again when the book releases, I thought I’d use this moment to let you know where I will be in the coming months so that if you live near any of these places we can say hello face-to-face. Here’s the line-up so far, with more to come:


March 10 Litchfield Moveable Feast – 11AM Luncheon and 2PM signing, Myrtle Beach, SC

March 11 Foxtale Book Shoppe 1PM – Woodstock, GA

March 14 Book launch at Warwicks Books  7:30PM La Jolla, CA

March 23 Laguna Beach Books  6PM – Laguna Beach, CA

April 8 Lunch and speaking event AAUW Author Luncheon – Jacobs Center, San Diego, CA

War bride June Allen and me aboard the Queen Mary earlier this week.

April 22 Barnes & Noble with war bride June Allen 3PM – Noblesville, IN

April 27 Bookmark Shoppe book club discussion 7PM – Brooklyn, NY

May 3 Aaron’s Books at JoBoy’s Brew Pub 6:30PM – Lititz, PA

May 6 Corona Public Library Historical Fiction Brunch – Corona, CA

May 21 Meet and Greet with war bride June Allen 2 PM -Aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

July 13 Common Good Books 7 PM – St. Paul, MN

July 22 Newport Beach Library  6PM Authors Under the Stars event – Newport Beach, CA

I would love to meet and chat with you at one of these events. Comment below if we’ll be able to do that or if you need any additional info about one of these dates.

Have a great weekend, folks!