Wilson is alive and well

A hearty congrats to mindaykay09 for being the only brave soul to imagine a life for my bald man. You win a copy of Blue Heart Blessed, due out in February, and which, by the way, was just named to Romantic Times’ February Top Picks, garnering 4½ stars. Yay! Makes me want to zip down to Donutland in a red Corvette and eat a jelly doughnut.

Hey, mindaykay09, just head over to my website, send me an email via the contact page with your snail mail and I’ll make sure you get a copy of BHB when it comes out next month. Thanks for giving my bald man a cool name (Wilson is a GREAT name for an older guy who drives a sleek ‘Vette) and a cool after-doughnuts life.

The photo above, by the way, is Capri in all its brilliant blueness. I’ve never been there but I saw it from a distance while on a bus on the Amalfi Highway. Now there’s something to blog about. Surviving the Amalfi Highway. Anyone out there besides me ever been on it? It is beauty and danger twisted together in a weave so tight you can’t tell which is which.

I had a birthday this week. I spent part of it buying books (always a treat) and part of it saying goodbye to a lovely great aunt who graced our planet for 97 years. She left us quietly and without fuss, just like she lived her life. One minute she was here and the next she wasn’t. It was like turning a page.

That’s the kind of exit I want. We don’t get to choose, I know that. But if I could, that’s what I would pick. A quiet farewell with no lingering, no tough decisions.

Life on the edge of the Amalfi Highway has an understandable wild appeal, but an easy death on a quiet stretch of long, unbroken horizon sounds pretty good, too.

Just in case anyOne is listening. . .

See you Monday

Author: Susan

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  1. mindakay09 on January 12, 2008 at 1:59 am

    Thank you so much! It was a blast to come up w/ a story for “Wilson” 🙂

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