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A couple weeks ago, my publisher decided to poll the masses to see which of the three possible covers in the works for my upcoming THE GIRL IN THE GLASS should be the final. There had already been much debate in house over which one captured the essence of the story best. It was surprising to me – even at that point – how wide the spread of opinion was. We all wanted the best cover to win out of course, and the person who can best identify that winning cover is the person who will buy it – the consumer.

That’s when WaterBrook asked me to ask my readers and Facebook and Twitter friends, and they did the same on the website. I had over one hundred opinions tossed my direction and WaterBrook had about 800 – some of those were likely repeats from my poll after I encouraged my peeps to also weigh in on the official website.

Again, the three covers all had uber-fans. There was a clear winner, but she didn’t win by a landslide, which was actually kind of comforting to me. It meant that all three had shelf appeal.  The one that won is the one at the top of this blog post. And I do like it very much. It is a mash-up of the white one with the Medici princess as the predominant human element and the one of red-dress Meg looking out over the River Arno. It works on many levels for me. But it wasn’t my favorite.

I told some of you that when the polling was over I would reveal which one was the one I liked best.  So here it is! The one I liked best. The white one.

Some of those polled thought the image of Nora Orsini – the Medici princess one of my characters thinks she hears speaking to her from with the great Italian Renaissance masterpieces – was a little unnerving. Ghostly, maybe. I never caught that vibe from this one, probably because in the story – which granted, no one has read yet, Nora is very much not a ghost. She is something else, but definitely not a specter from the creepy Other Side. And I liked the white, glassy feel of this one, and Meg in white seemed like a great choice for her, even though red is my favorite color and I do love that red dress in the winning cover.

In the end, though, the most satisfying thing is that we have a cover that people will like and will be compelled to pick up or click on, and hopefully buy.

Maybe  after the book comes out and you’ve had a chance to read it, you might come back to this blog post, look at this cover that was my favorite and tell me what you think.

By the way, the same graphic artist at WaterBrook created all three covers. She is an amazing interpreter of content. Hats off to you, Kelly. You saw into my cluttered brain. Well done. And thanks again all, for your input and insights.

On Friday, I hope to regale you with the highlights from having seen Alan Brennert, author of Molokai and Honolulu at one of his San Diego appearances this week. Stay tuned! Aloha…

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  1. Sister Lori on May 14, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    I loved the white dress one too 🙂 I think because I appreciated the ethereal essence it seemed to convey. A rather quiet poetic feel.

    I'll buy it anyway 😉

    God be with thee~!

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