Sometimes there are no words

Most of the time I am of the mind that a picture is not worth a thousand words. That’s a very silly thing for an author to subscribe to ALL the time. A thousand words can indeed make you weep because of their combined beauty. I have to believe this or I am in the wrong business.

But I will admit that the vistas I saw while vacationing with my family in the Sierras deserve to be seen in their natural splendor – off the page and unfettered by human language.

I offer you today a small sampling of the creative mastery of God, captured by my 15-year-old son – all except the last one. That one is him.
The top photo is a snow-fed lake high up a trail known as Mosquito Flats. Do not be deceived by the title. My lungs assured me we climbed every vertical step to this glistening wonder. Definitely NOT flat. And the mosquitos – not so many – were easily tamed with tropical-scented Off.
The second one is a rest stop on a hike up to Crystal Lake. Everything was UP.

This third photo was taken from Duck Pass, a heady 10,800 feet above sea level. A four mile hike from the parking lot. All of it UP!

And lastly, the son who took these photos climbed a rock to enjoy the sun setting on the Mammoth Minarets.
My daughter shot this last one.

Beauty is sometimes best enjoyed without the clumsy addition of words. Sometimes.

This time.

But not always.
See you Monday . . .

Author: Susan

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  1. Nicole on August 1, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    Great shots by both. Lovely, thoughtful.

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