No place like home

I send you off into the weekend with news of a brand new book by my writing friend, Leanna Ellis. Leanna has a wonderful comedic style that is also tender, and I just love this cover and the play on words. Here’s the scoop:

Wizard of Oz meets Cinderella

When Dottie Meyers loses her ‘no place like home’ during a Kansas tornado, she wakes up to find a pair of ruby slippers left by her father who abandoned his family thirty years ago. With her sister hot on her trail to find the treasured ruby slippers, Dottie travels a yellow brick road with three friends to find her father. No wizard can solve her problems. Only the love of a heavenly father can heal her wounds and give her the desires of her heart. There’s no place like … the heart for God’s healing touch.

Here’s what reviewer Nora St. Laurent had to say: “Dorothy, or Dottie as she’s known to friends and family, has chosen a life of security. She’s kept the farm in the family as Momma would have wanted, and retired young to work in the dirt as she’s always loved doing. Younger sister Abby craved fame and the spotlight, and she made her way to Hollywood. When she returns suddenly to the family farm, Dottie’s suspicions are up. Both sisters must agree to sell, and Dottie isn’t leaving Kansas……until the tornado hits.No, don’t worry. No flying monkeys, wicked witches or yellow brick road in this one. At least, not like you’d suspect! But along the way, Dottie does find what her heart has longed for all along: family, a Father, and a life filled with meaning and joy. And she also learns, while there’s no place like home, home is where you make it.Lots of nods to the classic motion picture “The Wizard of Oz” in this unique telling of the story, including the ruby slippers. Or, in this case, Ruby’s Slippers–Dottie’s momma. But I’ll leave you to discover all about those. This story is fun, light-hearted at moments and drawing tears at others. . .”
I read Leanna’s Lookin’ Back, Texas, for endorsement and enjoyed getting to know Leanna and her witty style. Winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award, Leanna Ellis writes what she calls quirky women’s fiction. When she’s not busy writing, taxiing her kids to and from dance and fencing, or taking the dogs in and out, then she’s contemplating some new weird plot.

You can read an excerpt from the book on her website:

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Author: Susan

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