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Today I am happy to have my friend Ann, whom I have known since she was a sophomore in the high school journalism class I taught back in the ’90s, visit the Edge to share something really cool. Ann is a business manager for the International Princess Project, an organization dedicated to helping women escape the horror of human trafficking. Ann is here to talk about a wonderful way to be a part of that healing project.

Ann says: “In India, millions of women and girls work as prostitutes. Many have been trafficked, kidnapped, lured with promises of jobs, or sold by their own families into sexual slavery. Some as young as six years old have become sex workers (the actual term used in India) due to poverty or lack of opportunities. Within the huge, cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, lies the largest red-light district in the world, which is home to a myriad of injustice, abuse, and horrors.

One million children are trafficked into the sex trade each year, taken from their families and forced to work as prostitutes. In Mumbai alone, ninety cases of HIV are reported every hour. Once in the sex trade, women and girls may be forced to have intercourse with up to twenty clients per day.

You can help bring hope to women who have been rescued or escaped from forced prostitution and human trafficking! By purchasing pajamas these women have made, you help empower them to restore their lives. While living in a safe, holistic recovery home, the women learn to sew PUNJAMMIES™ so that they can support themselves with skill and dignity, heal in body and spirit, and live lives of freedom.

If everyone takes a small piece of responsibility in the fight against human trafficking and forced prostitution, we can overcome the dark reality these women have lived and prevent others from experiencing the same.”

So hey: You can purchase these pajamas online at www.punjammies.com. As my friend Ann says, “Every sale contributes to restoring hope and dignity to another life.”

That’s something to feel good about! Have a great weekend, everyone.

Author: Susan

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