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We’re having a bit of fun on the Edge today. If you like scavenger hunts and winning free books, hang out for a minute and I’ll tell you how you can do both.

My friend Miralee Ferrell has just debuted her first novel, The Other Daughter. You can win a copy by hopping around the ‘Net for a few minutes gathering clues. First, I’ll tell you what the book is about, whet your appetite a little, and then you can get busy. Here’s the teaser from the catalogs: Susanne Carson’s well-ordered family life is thrown into devastating chaos when Brianna, a young teen, appears on her doorstep, claiming to be the daughter of Susanne’s husband, David. The revelation of David’s apparent betrayal adds strain to an already fragile marriage. Will this shocking discovery drive the family apart, or will it draw them closer to God?

And now for the game: Playing is easy. Go to and get the list of clues and the questions you need to answer. Visit the authors’ blogs below, and read the Q&A with Miralee Ferrell. You’ll find the answers you need! Once you have them all, just email the answer to the Christian Review of Books. Everyone with the right answers will be entered to win a signed copy of Miralee Ferrell’s The Other Daughter.

Okey-doke. Here’s the Q & A with Miralee for my part of the hunt:

Edgewise: When is your next book coming out and what is the story?

Miralee: “That’s up to Kregel and my readers, quite literally. They choose not to give multiple book contracts to a new author, with good reason….they’d like to see some sales figures from book 1 before signing for book 2. So far I’ve had pretty good results, with my ranking steadily rising on CBD, but the jury’s still out. The second book is nearly finished and ready to present to Kregel, and my editor there is excited about the story line. It follows a secondary character in The Other Daughter named Jeena. She’s a bit of a pill; not a Christian, a bit worldly and very career minded, but has had some very hard knocks growing up and a couple of devastating ones as an adult. So far my advance readers have wanted to spank her, hug her, cry with her and shake her, but the few that I’ve allowed to see it so far have been rooting for her to make it through the dark shadows that are rolling in around her. Sorry, wish I could tell you more, but don’t want to spoil it! Not sure of the title yet…but considering Past Shadows or Sheltered. Again, that will ultimately be Kregel’s decision.”

Visit these other authors’ sites for the rest of the clues . . .

Once you have all the answers email the list to with a subject line of “Hunt Answers.”

Have a blast, Edglings. . .

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