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Got a super busy weekend coming up – nephew’s wedding is tomorrow! – so am going to keep this short and sweet. I’ve picked up a few books over the last few months that looked great  cover-wise and premise-wise but which did not come recommended, meaning I bought on looks and premise alone. I have to say I’ve been disappointed going about it that way. Not all books will appeal to all people, I get that. But when someone who likes the kind of books that I like, recommends a book, I usually find myself having lots of happy book moments. There aren’t a whole of disappointments when someone whose opinion I value recommends a book. All that is to say, if you like the kind of books I like, then you will want to pick up a copy of Ann Tatlock’s All the Way Home. It’s a Christy-Award winner, and deservedly so, and sadly out of print. (The cover photo above is from its original print edition and I love it) But you can find it at third-party sellers or in some libraries if you don’t have a Kindle. If you DO have a Kindle, then hop over to Amazon and download it.
The book is about two Los Angeles girls who befriend each other in the pre-Pearl Harbor days of World War II. One girl, Augie, is Caucasian, being raised in a home without love, and the other, Sunny, is Japanese-American. Sunny’s family is the bright and lovely opposite of Augie’s loveless home. She is quickly and warmly drawn in and becomes nearly an adopted member of Sunny’s home. When Pearl Harbor is attacked and the U.S. and Japan become enemies in a terrible war, Sunny’s family faces the fate of thousands of Japanese Americans: interment. The girls are separated when Sunny’s family is interned at Manzanar. And despite their promises to stay in touch, forces work against them. They don’t see each other again for another twenty-five years, and when they finally do, the backdrop is not World War II, but the Civil Rights movement in the Deep South.
I won’t share more and spoil anything, but if you liked The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, you will like this one, big time.
Hope you have a great weekend.

I plan on eating cake.

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  1. Clair on June 9, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    It is a book definitely worth reading…and would make a good book for a book club to read.

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