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I am careful about using this blog space for purposes that go beyond your reading experience. I want you, dear reader, to feel like we are good friends who like to chat here about the things that matter to us. I have never wanted this blog to feel like a billboard of any kind. But today I am bringing to you a matter that can (and will, I hope) go beyond your brief reading experience.

Children’s HopeChest is an organization dear to me because of its heart for the most vulnerable of human beings – the world’s orphaned young. Their mission statement is simple: “Children’s HopeChest believes that every orphan has the right to know God, experience the blessing of family, and have the opportunity to develop independent living skills.” I had the opportunity to meet the CEO, Tom Davis, at a conference a couple years ago, and I was moved by what Tom told me about the plight of orphans, many of whom live in areas where traffic is not about cars on the commute home from work. (If you haven’t read Tom’s book, Fields of the Fatherless, may I suggest you pick it up pronto and read it).

Sometimes when we expose ourselves to the desperate needs of thousands upon thousands we can immediately feel emotional exhaustion that is accompanied by this thought: “The need is too big and I am only one person. I can’t change anything.” I know that feeling. I have learned though, that not only is the Starfish Story a good antidote to that kind of defeatist thinking, a new perspective on what I am called to do helps too. I am not responsible for solving the entire problem. But I can do one thing for one person, can’t I? And isn’t that better than doing nothing? I heard it said best at Catalyst West last October: Do for one what you wish you could for everyone.

So here’s one small things you can do today. The people at Children’s Hope Chest have partnered with Simply Love and Man Up! to produce a set of limited-edition t-shirts. This exclusive design can only be purchased at the Children’s HopeChest t-shirt store.

Proceeds from the sale of shirts will support two critical projects. All women’s t-shirt sales will support 37 children living in an orphanage in Pignon, Haiti. All men’s t-shirt sales will provide funding for 8 survivors of human trafficking living at the Beginning of Life rehabilitation home in Moldova.

And as a special incentive, for every shirt you buy, you will receive one entry into a drawing for a free mission trip. The winner receives a certificate that covers both land and airfare (max $3,000 value). The winner will be announced on Facebook, on Monday, April 2, 2012. What’s the purpose of the mission trip? Mission trips can be life-changing in that your awareness can be significantly raised, such that when you return, you are not the same. When you return, you become an advocate here for the people you met there. And as an advocate, you find that you are suddenly able and impassioned to recruit a whole new army of starfish throwers because of that experience you had.

It can start with one t-shirt…

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