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The Jubilee ends, the need does not

The year that just passed, my 50th on the planet, has ended. Last week I turned fifty-one and the Jubilee that was my fiftieth had to necessarily come to an end. When I asked for a tally of the donations given to Oasis Haven in honor of my Jubilee, it was heartening to hear that one thousand dollars had been given to support these precious little ones in Johannesburg.

My aspirations had been high; I admit I had hoped for $5,000, but as the year progressed I knew that my marshmallow marketing persona would show up here just as it does with anything else I attempt to “sell.” I am more like a cave dweller when it comes to hype and promotion. I am a better writer than a promoter, and I’ve always known this. Still, to think that my little birthday generated donations that totaled a thousand dollars is still something to celebrate. I am grateful to each one of you. And of course it’s never too late to donate to Oasis Haven. The US address on my Jubilee for Joburg website is still the address to send US currency, and they still have the same needs they had a year ago when I began this quest.


There are many ways that you can get involved post-Jubilee and support the children in Oasis Family Homes. Here’s a great link to show you how:
Oasis says, “We don’t want you to add more to your already busy life. Rather, take a look at what you are already doing, and make Oasis Haven a part of it. Let’s all do our part to change the lives of abandoned and orphaned children in our country.”

The jubilee is over, but the needs are still there. If your 2012 plan doesn’t include yet an outreach outlet, consider the little ones at Oasis Haven who want more than anything to have what you have had – a family.

Onward and forward!

A little goes a long way

Oasis Haven staff had known Bryan and Leza for about a year. Newly married, they were one of four couples in their Journey to Adoption course at the beginning of the year.

Leza began volunteering her time in the office a few days a week and Bryan became a regular visitor to the Oasis Haven offices. Through their involvement, Bryan and Leza had heard about a little girl named Khanya. They knew that the Oasis team was praying very hard for an adoptive family for her. They also knew that with her age – seven – and being declared mentally retarded with no clear diagnosis, Khanya had little chance of being adopted and also little chance of realizing her full potential without an adoptive family.

When they came forward and told Oasis Haven that they knew that Khanya was their daughter and that they wanted to adopt her, the Oasis team was overjoyed. Since that day in July, Bryan and Leza steadily prepared for Khanya to come home—sharing with their family and friends, meeting with social workers, preparing her room—creating a home and a new life for Khanya. One step in this preparation was to make a special book for Khanya with photos of Bryan and Leza, their house and Khanya’s room, grandparents and extended family members, and special details about themselves. This book would help Khanya to get to know them and to a know little bit of what to expect. The book was beautifully handcrafted with loads of photos and activities for Khanya. On the very last page, Bryan and Leza made a special puzzle so Khanya could count the days until she met her new mommy and daddy.

When “Auntie” Bev gave Khanya the book, she took one look at it and said, “My new family.” As she looked through the pages, she literally glowed with joy and anticipation. This was her family, the one she had been praying for, the one she would be going home to.

These are the kinds of life events that are made possible by the amazing ministry of Oasis Haven. I’ve just one month left in my Jubilee year, one month left for my Jubilee for Joburg celebration. As the year draws to a close, would you consider one of your year-end giving destinations be the Oasis Haven kids in South Africa? Just look at what can happen when you do! Donate US dollars here: 

Oasis Haven US 
PO Box 28362
San Diego, CA 92198
WRITE JUBILEE FOR JOBURG in the check memo line. Gifts are tax deductible.

Thanks for making the dreams of little ones of a forever family come true. . .