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Welcome, Scavengers!

Greetings, Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunters! If you stumbled upon my blog today and are wondering what all the hoopla is about, my blog is Stop Number 31 for the 2012 Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt that began on Lisa T. Bergren’s blog. Follow through all the linked blogs on the Hunt and you will not only be treated to great exclusive content about 31 brand new novels but you will also have the chance to win them all and a new Kindle Fire. Pretty cool, huh? Start with Lisa’s blog post and you will end up back here where you need to be to complete the hunt! Your word clue for this stop – which you need to finish up the hunt and head back to Lisa’s blog – is hidden in this post!

I’m the lucky author who gets to host Lisa and her new novellas, Bourne and Tributary. And get this. They are set in Italy! So I am already in love.

Lisa T. Bergren

In these follow-up novellas to the best-selling River of Time Series (Waterfall, Cascade and Torrent)—in which two girls time travel back to medieval Italy—the She-Wolves of Siena are back in a big way. In Bourne, readers find out what has happened to wounded warriors returning from battle, to the Betarrinis, fighting for the men who’ve captured their hearts, and what will happen to them next…

A year later, in Tributary, Lia struggles to overcome the fear that constant battle has heaped upon her; Gabi and Marcello face an unexpected crisis; and Lord Greco may be ready to leave the grief and loss of his past behind him, so that he might grab hold of the future… Full of romance, action and adventure, this is a series that mothers and teen daughters can both love.

And now it’s my pleasure to welcome Lisa T. Bergren!

10 More Places I Want to See In Italy

By Lisa T. Bergren

I adore Italy. But then, if you’ve read any of my books, you probably know that. I’ve been four times, and I’m not sick of the country…in fact, I’m more in love with it than ever. And after taking the Rome—Tuscany—Venice trek several times, I’m eager to explore her coasts. Italian food and charming people plus a view of the ocean? Where do I sign up?? Even looking at pictures of this luscious country gets my creative juices flowing…

Here’s why I want to visit these amazing towns or regions:

#1 Cinque Terre: Five towns, linked by train or hiking trail, with brightly colored buildings clinging to the steep slope above small, turquoise-colored coves? Mmm, yes, please. I’ll hike and picnic with my husband as we meander from town to town.

#2 The Isle of Capri: Hidden among the cliffs is a place called “the Blue Grotto.” If you kayak to it, and hunker down, when the tide is out, you can just squeeze in and inside, there’s a cave with psychedelic-blue water, lit from below, somehow.

#3 Sorrento: I’d ride a bus to get along the Amalfi Coast—that winding road would be terrifying to drive—but I’d want to stay a while in Sorrento. Sun-washed, white buildings, winding vines of bougainvillea, and spectacular sunsets. Mmm, yes. That’s amore.

#4 Abruzzo: Tuscan-like, with amazing, rugged mountains. Need I say more?

#5 Puglia: Down near the bottom of “the boot” (Italy’s shape) is this special town with her unique trulli—huts with stacked stone roofs in conical shapes. I’m a sucker for unique stuff like that.

#6 Lake Country: There’s a reason George Clooney has a villa along the shores of Lake Como. I wouldn’t mind seeing it, but friends have raved about Lake Garda, and Lake Lugano shares a border with Switzerland. How cool is that?

#7 Assisi: First, it’s in Umbria, which seems like Tuscany, but less touristy. I want to explore every sector of it. My thought is that it would have all the deliciousness of my current favorite place in Italia, but with fewer crass, American tourists ruining my travel mojo. (Please, if you go, don’t be one of those…try to fit in. Quieter. More appreciative. Dare to venture off of the tourist menu! If the menu’s in English, you’re not experiencing true Italy! But I digress…) Second, it had Christian connections—St. Francis of Assisi—I’d like to know more about him.

Susan here: How wonderful it would have been if St. Francis had left a JOURNAL! Si! That is your STOP # 31 word clue, hunters! “journal.”

#8 Sicily: Because I want a Sicilian pizza, in Sicily. It’s that simple. And it reportedly has it’s own unique vibe. I want to check it out. Preferably while headquartered in a private villa, overlooking the Mediterranean…

#9 Ravenna: Byzantine ruins and mosaics…yes, please.

#10 Elba: It’s one of seven islands that make up the Tuscan Archipelago. Doesn’t just the name, “Tuscan Archipelago,” make you want to go? Yeah, me neither.

So…now all I need is thousands of dollars and a month of unclaimed time, and my dream will be made. It may be after my kids are out of college…but it’s fun to dream! Someday, Italia, someday. Ci vediamo di nuovo. 

Lisa T. Bergren is the author of more than forty books that have sold over two million copies combined. She writes in a variety of genres–children’s books, YA, adult fiction, devotionals and more. Lisa lives with her husband, Tim, three children, and a fluffy white dog in Colorado. To find out more about her go to, or follow her on, or Twitter (@LisaTBergren).

Hunters: Circle back to Lisa’s blog with all your word clues and follow the directions to be in on the drawing for 31 great fiction reads and a Kindle Fire!

BONUS GIVEAWAY! Want to win a copy of THE GIRL IN THE GLASS? (my newest novel set in Italy) Leave a comment here and you’re in the running for a can of Illy coffee (the best!), Florentine stationery, biscotti, and the book to enjoy it all with! If you tweet about #TheGirlinTheGlass or mention it in a Facebook post, and/or LIKE me on Facebook, your name will be entered a second, third and/or fourth time. Good luck! Winner will be chosen randomly at the conclusion of the BIG Hunt!

Mark your calendars!

If you love fiction, then you won’t want to miss the Fall 2012 Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt that the remarkable Lisa.T. Bergren is hosting later this month. Mark your calendars now, book-lovers! Thirty-one authors (including me) are participating, which means 31 just-released books will be given away to the grand prize winner. Thirty-one! And not only that, but a jazzy new Kindle Fire as well! Is that amazing or what?

By visiting each of the 31 blogs on the hunt and collecting word clues, you can grab the goods to get in on the drawing (the word clues) but you will also be treated to blog posts that we authors have written for you that you won’t find anywhere else. Yep, exclusive content you won’t have read by us on another blog or another interview another time. I will be hosting Lisa on my blog, and get this, her newest release, Bourne & Tributary, is set in Italy!! And just wait until you see the pictures she has sent to include with her post. Cappuccino, anyone? The lovely Nancy Moser will be hosting me, and I will be sharing on Nancy’s blog how you almost got a different ending in The Girl in the Glass. One statue in Florence changed the ending!

Is your interest sufficiently piqued? Do it now. Get your day-planner or phone or wall calendar and mark the dates: Oct 25-28. It’s going to be great!