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Seahorse, resurrected

There was a time, not so long ago, when a book would go out of print and that was that. If it was a title you wanted to own, you had to haunt used bookstores and estate sales looking for it. Sometimes you would find it, sometimes you wouldn’t.

Those were sad days.
Think what you will about electonic readers and the saucy way they plan to take over the book world, but they do for books what the print world could not – keep them available to be read.
I am happy to tell you that another one of my older books (older is a relative term, it’s less than ten years old) that had been out of print, is now alive again in e-book form with Greenbrier Books. A Seahorse in the Thames is a tale about finding beauty in unexpected places and I was inspired to write it based on a true event. A few years back, a London fisherman found a seahorse dancing about the weeds in the Thames, an arguably busy river that has been industrialized to the point of non-beauty. And yet, there in the reeds, where you’d least expect to find it, was a seahorse. A bit of beauty in a most unexpected place. I took that little idea and crafted a story about a young woman whose life seems to be uncharmed. She longs for a beautiful life; and she is nearly ready to believe it has passed her by until circumstances make her kneel down and look at a little bit of wonderful beckoning to her.

If you haven’t read it and like a different kind of love story, well here you go. It’s a great price at under five bucks, too. Here’s the Amazon link for Kindle and the B & N link for Nook.

Have you ever found beauty in an unexpected place? Do tell…