Bravo to Sharon Hinck

My very talented friend and colleague, Sharon Hinck, has a wonderful new title to add to her growing list of novels. Her Symphony of Secrets , just released by Bethany House, is a lovely read, especially if you are a devotee of both music and motherhood.

Her cast of characters is fun and believable, and headlined by Amy Johnson, a single mom who isn’t afraid to whisper to the reader that despite her spunkiness, she has loads of insecurities. Her teenage daughter, Clara, is likeable and transparent, and flips the roles sometimes, as our kids often do, teaching rather than being taught.

There’s a crafty mystery thread, a blossoming romance, a tale of regrets, and the pervasive mother-love dynamic that sings on every page.

I don’t play the flute, but I very nearly feel like I can after spending my most recent reading hours with Amy and her instrument. I can at least imagine that I can.

And that’s a pretty good gauge of a writer’s ability to transport you to their fictive world; if you can hear the story and its music with your eyes.

Bravo, Sharon.

Author: Susan

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