Back from the netherworld

I am keenly aware that my last post was written nearly a month ago and that a dedicated blogger would never let such a long lapse into their posting schedule.

But I’m of the mind that dedicated bloggers are firstborns and sanguines and since I am neither, it is absurd to hold myself to a standard I really don’t measure up to.

My apologies for my tardiness. I may not care about keeping to a blogging schedule but I do care about disappointing people. If my silence has been a disappointment to you, mea culpa – which every one knows is Latin for “my bad.”

I spent the last month trying very hard not to let holiday madness turn me into a total hag. There was too much to do and not enough Sue. Some things had to go on auto pilot so that any hagginess (different than haggis, but not by much) would be kept at bay.

But here we are now on the cusp of a new decade. The Christmas decorations are put away, the lebkuchen is nearly gone, and the big Yankee Holiday Wreath candle has but an inch or two of wax left in it. I feel like I can breathe again. And to prove my point, here’s a picture of what my family and I did yesterday to relax our weary minds.

We headed out to Balboa Park to the Organ Pavilion to listen to the free 2 p.m. concert that takes place there every Sunday. To our delight, yesterday was the 95th anniversary of the organ’s debut at the pavillion. On January 4, 1915, this organ (I believe it is one of the largest outdoor organs in the world) was played at the pavilion for the first time.

In honor of the occasion we the audience members were allowed to go inside the organ’s brain (or lungs, should I say?) We climbed the stairs into the pipes while the organ was in play to feel its mighty power. The guide who led us in says sometimes they will bring in deaf children into the organ’s pipe rooms to let them feel the music by touching the walls and the banisters. It was amazing. And the most intruging thing of all? No electricity, just giant gulpfuls of air.

My favorite part? When Dr. Carol Williams played the Flight of the Bumble Bee and the melody line was in the pedals at her feet. It was as if she were tap dancing. Or sprinting in the 100 yard dash.

It was a nice way to usher in the new year. Inspiring. Just look what can be done with a giant breath of air.

On Friday, the books I am looking forward to reading in 2010 . . .

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  1. Clair on January 4, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Sounds like a great experience…and blogging in December is not easy.

  2. cherry on January 6, 2010 at 3:08 am

    Wow! I envy the inner pipe organ experience! As for guilt over not posting (tho I did check regularly)- not to stress – few folks were reading in December anyway.

  3. Nicole on January 6, 2010 at 5:35 am

    Welcome back–or is it home?–, Sooz.

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