A little music for Monday

I am at the amazingly beautiful conference grounds at Mt. Hermon in the foothills of Santa Cruz, teaching at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. As I sit here in the coffee shop, a fire is snapping happily, a barista is knocking spent grounds into the trash – releasing the heady scent of crushed espresso beans into the air — and a handful of other writers are either tapping away at their laptops as I am, or talking about writing, or books, or life as a wordsmith.  Yesterday on Palm Sunday, we had a worship service in the auditorium and this video was played. With the beauty of California Redwoods and dogwoods in bloom and a brilliant sun all around us, it was a deeply sensorial experience. I offer it here for you and hope that you will plug in your earphones or play it on stereo speakers so that you can hear how wonderful the acoustics are (and the words!) Enjoy —


Author: Susan

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