I’ve always been a fan of short poetry that beckons me to read only a second time for clarity and a third for enlightenment. Not a big fan of long poems nor short ones that I don’t get.

But I read this one this morning during my coveted alone time. I read it a fourth time just because I liked it so much:

“Save our blessings, Master, save,
From the blight of thankless eye,
Teach us for all joys to crave.
Benediction pure and high,
Own them given, endure them gone,
Shrink from their hardening touch,
Yet prize them won,
Prize them as rich odors meet
For love to lavish at His feet.”

– John Keble

Is it possible for our joys to harden us? Yikes, it must be. Keble was a great scholar, loads more clever than me. And if joys can make us stony from having too many of them, then that would explain why God sometimes throws calamity our way. To keep us soft.

And now a little shameless plug for a friend of mine with a new book out. “Off the Record” by Elizabeth White is about ambition on a collision course with secrets from the past. (Doggone those secrets from the past. But hey, they make for great novels!) You can buy Beth’s newest book here. Here’s the scoop:

Judge Laurel Kincade, a rising political star, is announcing her candidacy for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Her aristocratic Old South family, led by her judge grandfather, beam as she takes the podium.

Then her eyes alight on a reporter in the crowd-and suddenly her past is on a collision course with the present. Journalist Cole McGaughan, religion reporter for the New York Daily Journal, has received an intriguing call from an old friend. Private investigator Matt Hogan has come across a tip-that Laurel’s impeccable reputation might be a façade.

Matt suggests that Cole dig up the dirt on the lovely judge in order to snag his dream job as one of the Journal’s elite political reporters.There’s just one problem: Cole’s history is entangled with Laurel’s, and he must decide if the story that could make his career is worth the price he’d have to pay. A sensational scoop becomes a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Reviewer Wendy Keel says: “OFF THE RECORD is a thrilling read that will have readers quickly turning pages and yet hoping the story never ends. Elizabeth White has once again written a “keeper shelf” story. The characters are fresh and multi-dimensional, with flaws that make them seem all the more realistic. The story is fast paced, engaging, and fun.”

Sounds like a great weekend read. Have a super one, Edgelings. Stay soft and stay joyful.

Author: Susan

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