Last night’s Oscar win for Colin Firth, a most-deserved one in my opinion – I loved The King’s Speech – made me think back to the first film I saw with Colin Firth as a cast member. Do you remember the Hallmark production of A Secret Garden?  If you were the parent of a little girl in the late ’80s like I was, you no doubt remember it quite well. You probably saw it a dozen times like I did. And while some of the lines got a little old, you still laughed out loud when Mary Lennox quipped: “If we were in India I’d put a snake in his bed.”

The talented Colin Firth is only in the movie for a mere two minutes, and those include the shots of him as the credits start to roll, but still, he portrayed the grown-up Colin with perfect precision, way better than the lovely but mismatched maiden who pretends to be grown-up Mary Lennox and who looks nothing like the young actress who plays her in childhood. (What was the casting director thinking?)  I remember sitting with my young daughter – many times over – watching the last few minutes of the movie and marveling at how much the young man with the war injury (Colin Firth) resembled the young actor who played the same character in the childhood years.

So of course this morning I scared up a YouTube video of that scene. And as I was watching, I noticed something I had never noticed before in all those previous viewings. Something I daresay I was not supposed to notice.  How in the world did I miss it? I can’t  help but throw out the challenge to you.  Do you notice it? Tell me! 

Author: Susan

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  1. Lydia on March 2, 2011 at 4:38 am

    Must have been some kind of healing power in that kiss, eh Susan?!

  2. Susan Meissner on March 2, 2011 at 6:05 am

    Lydia, you know it! A healing kiss and the amazing disappearing cane!

  3. Anonymous on March 3, 2011 at 6:00 am

    Hi Susan,
    At first I wondered if what I was looking for happened in the quarter of the screen that didn't fit in the window, then I thought it was the hydrangeas in both blue and pink on the same bush, the moving bird bath and flowers, but the most noticeable is the cane disappearing. Like you, I had to watch more than once to catch it.

    This was fun, thanks. Like the find what's missing games in my kids' magazines fifty years ago!

    Mary Kay

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